Club Rules

The South Vancouver Island Rangers, promote the safe use of firearms, in every circumstance, the following summary of the rules will apply during the use of the range facilities:

  • Firearms must be unloaded, actions open until at a designated firing point.
  • At all times barrel(s) must be pointed in a safe direction.
  • Eye and ear protection¬†is mandatory on all ranges.
  • Consumption of an intoxicant will not be tolerated in the range area when the range is active.
  • No persons under the influence of an intoxicant is permitted to handle firearms on club grounds.
  • Positively no uncased firearms in any building.
  • Range flags must be used to indicate when the range is active.
  • Rapid fire and uncontrolled fire is NOT permitted.

During the use of any facility on the property, members are expected to treat the property with respect and to leave everything as it was when they arrived.

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