COVID 19 POLICY UPDATE, January 12th 2022

The Province of BC has indicated that it will no longer make and enforce prescriptive Covid-19 rules, targeting specific businesses or activities.   Instead, the government has asked that individual businesses, sports organizations, clubs, etc. make their own Covid-19 safety plans, which are specific to their own business continuity.  Below, you will find the SVIR Covid-19 Safety Plan.  Be aware of course, that our plan may have to change if the government changes direction.   

The Board of Directors of SVIR has determined, that as much as possible, we will return to our normal function of holding shoots, meetings and other activities in 2022.  There will of course be some changes based on the need to prevent the spread of Covid-19 or at least reducing the risk of such happening.  The current set of provincial Covid rules is set to expire on January 18.  Upon the expiration of those rules, SVIR will begin a return to more “normal” functions. 

All members are to familiarize themselves with the SVIR Covid Safety Plan, as it is our guide to a safe return to the normal function of our club. Please pay particular attention to the requirements for vaccination of anyone attending our property, mask requirements and the cleaning of venues after use.  As always, if you feel sick, are sick or are concerned about your own health/safety around people you don’t know, stay away from the club.

The Board of Directors
South Vancouver Island Rangers