The province has announced some changes to Covid-19 restrictions. As a result, the South Vancouver Island Rangers will make the following changes to its Covid-19 Policy.

Effective June 1st, 2021:
1)   A Ranger member may bring a guest (non-family) to the club
2)  Non-members may attend the regularly scheduled Wednesday Skeet practices and Thursday Trap practices
3)  An Island Skeet Association shoot will be held on June 13th, 2021. The SVIR grounds will be closed to all other activities that day.
4)  The Western Canadian-Leo Pike Memorial trap shoot will be held on July 2-4, 2021. The SVIR grounds will be closed to all other activities during that shoot.
5)  Anyone attending the SVI Rangers grounds, must reside in the Vancouver Island Health Authority region. This includes members, family of members or guests.
6)  The club campground will open for shoots and specific club functions
7)  The maximum number of people permitted on the club grounds shall be the number specified by Provincial Order

All other SVI Rangers Covid-19 policies remain in place, including:
1)  No indoor meetings (social or business) are scheduled or planned as they remain prohibited
2)  No rentals of the grounds or buildings may take place
3)  Appropriate social distancing requirements must be maintained while attending the property
4)  All indoor areas, other than washrooms remain closed to all members other than Directors or members engaged in directed work

Covid-19 case numbers have declined rapidly on Vancouver Island over the past few weeks. The relaxation of Provincial Restrictions does not mean an end to risks associated with the disease. Please remain diligent about Covid safety when attending the SVI Rangers grounds. Continue to use the sanitation products in the washrooms and at the shooting  venue’s to keep everyone safe. We anticipate a further lifting of Covid restrictions over the next weeks and months. Further changes to our Covid-19 Policy will be announced as appropriate.

The Board of Directors
South Vancouver Island Rangers
May 29, 2021