With the spread of Covid-19 well under control on Vancouver Island, the club Directors have approved the re-opening of our shooting ranges effective May 6th.  

A new health/safety plan was emailed to all the members on May 4th, and strict compliance with the rules is required.   For the first 2 weeks of our opening, only members will be allowed to participate in shooting activities while we test our new operating procedures and fine tune our rules.   After the initial 2 week opening, we will review our procedures and make a decision on any changes or additions to the health/safety plan.   

The club grounds remain open to members and their families for walks and dog walks.   Please, above all else, do not come the club property if you or anyone in your family is the slightest bit sick.   When you are at the property maintain proper social distancing.    The washrooms are open, and soap and hot water is available.   As well, sanitizing cleaners are available in the washroom to clean the washroom appliances after use.   

The Board of Directors wishes to thank all the members for their patience and understanding during this rather unusual time.   Please use the grounds and facilities safely and responsibly. 

The Directors, South Vancouver Island Rangers

May 4th, 2020